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Submersible Pumps


For more information on Ebara Pumps, click here for their company brochure.

Large sewage/wastewater submersible non-clogEbara Solids Handling to 800 HP
Model DSC, DSCA3

Large sewage/wastewater submersible non-clog

The model DSC, DSCA3 submersible pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron with heavy duty, high efficiency motors suitable for industrial and municipal water and wastewater, sewage and flood control applications. The large submersible non-clog pump has the ability to pass spherical solids up to 8" in diameter and can be installed in wet or drypit applications.

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Large sewage/wastewater submersible non-clogSubmersible Propeller Pumps to 800 HP
Model DSZ3

Large sewage/wastewater submersible non-clog

The model DSZ3 submersible non-clog pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron with heavy duty, high efficiency motors suitable for industrial and municipal water and wastewater, sewage and flood control applications. The large submersible non-clog pump has an axial flow impeller design.

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Large sewage/wastewater submersible non-clogModel DLFU

Submersible non-clog water/wastewater

The model DLFU submersible non-clog pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron with heavy duty, high efficiency motors suitable for industrial and municipal water and wastewater applications, including flood control. The high efficiencies impeller make it possible to pass large solids up to 3 1/4".

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Grinder Pumps

Submersible grinderSubmersible grinder

The model DGUII, DGFU submersible grinder pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron and are used for small scale pressurized sewage transfer systems, drainage transfer, and commercial/household sewage and transfer. The heavy duty high chrome iron grinder system has powerful blades that reduce solid sizes for smooth, non-clogging flow. A reversible grinder ring provides longer service life and less maintenance. The pump is small and lightweight affording ease in installations and transport, including temporary installations. FM explosion proof motors are available.

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Sump Pumps

EBARA’s PRO DrainerPRO Drainer

EBARA’s PRO Drainer™ series offers a complete solution for the pumping of slurry or semi-dirty water. The PRO Drainer series are manufactured with high quality stainless steel components. This efficient, versatile, and reliable pump is ideally suited for many industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural liquid applications including fixed or portable installations.

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The PX Range of wastewater pumps embodies intelligent design, practical features and is extremely user friendly: a major criteria with end users. Minimizing “Life Cycle Cost” through high hydraulic and motor efficiencies, interchangeability of major components, improved serviceability and reduced downtime results in a cost effective PX PUMP installation.

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This range of portable non clogging pumps are fitted with vortex impellers and suitable for light industrial effluents. Units are cast iron construction with stainless steel shafts, double mechanical seals and standard threaded discharge.

Larger PX0 units can handle low volume domestic sewage, single family homes, etc.

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Larger through lets allow this range to be offered for municipal raw sewage applications characterized by large solids content or fibrous media. Furnished with a dual guide rail system and base elbow, coupled with rugged construction, proven reliability and competitive pricing make this a popular range in the PX Range.

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All PX PUMPS feature unique features including Fast Lock bolts, Minimizer wear ring, Ecoflu cooling jackets resulting in a service-friendly reliable pump design.

Over 200 customized combinations, utilizing trimmed single vane, multivane and vortex impellers available in high, medium, and low head versions. A dual guide rail system with base elbow is standard.

High head models offer the widest comprehensive range to satisfy individual application requirements.

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The PX4 Range is designed specifically to offer high hydraulic efficiencies with horsepower up to 133 HP. This range of pumps can be equipped with the Ecoflu cooling system as an option.

A dual guide rail system with base elbow and large solid handling capabilities ensure clog-free operation.

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Submersible Screw-Centrifugal Impeller PumpWemco-Hidrostal Immersible Pumps

Submersible Screw-Centrifugal Impeller Pump

  • Flexible Installation - The Wemco-Hidrostal pump can run continuously in or out of water therefore providing the most flexible pump installation.
  • Less Downtime - The screw impeller provides clog free pumping therefore reducing the maintenance requirements on the submersible pumps
  • High Efficiency - Smooth flow, and low turbulence produced by the screw/centrifugal impeller keep hydraulic losses to a minimum. The result is pumping efficiencies unequalled by any other "clog-free" pump.
  • Clog-Free Operation - No blockage mean minimum attention and minimum maintenance.
  • Gentle Action - Prevents damage to delicate solids.
  • Low NPSH Requirements - Help to keep thick sludges and large solids moving as available suction head decreases.
  • Positive Suction Flow - Enables pump to handle thick sludges.
  • Abrasion Resistant Construction - with 550 Brinell, Hi-chrome iron impeller & externally adjustable suction liner available

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Wemco-Hidrostal PREROSTAL Prerotation Pumping System

  • Wemco-Hidrostal PREROSTAL Prerotation Pumping SystemSimple System - Automatic flow matching uses gravity and unique prero wet well to control output (flow) of pump. No complicated variable speed controls which are subject to failure.
  • Self Cleaning - This system cleans wet wells by automatically removing floating materials each time the pump goes through its operating cycle.
  • Reduced Air Pollution - Reduces odour and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Maximum Efficiency - The WEMCO Prerostal system can be fine tuned to provide maximum efficiency to the operating conditions.
  • Highest Reliability - Clog-free performance that is reliable and simple.

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Wemco Pump

Wemco Pump Type S

Submersible Torque-Flow Recessed Impeller PumpSubmersible Torque-Flow Recessed Impeller Pump

Clog-free pumping with unique recessed impeller easily pumps solids and stringy, fibrous materials without plugging. No other pump offers more quality or experience-proven features to insure reliability and unsurpassed performance.

  • Tough enough to handle grit. Abrasion-resistant alloys extend pump wear life.
  • Rimmed impeller.
  • Hydraulic design incorporates a 2-step wear mechanism to "even out" wear on component parts, maximising their service life.
  • Low life cycle cost - Life of the most expensive component - the casing - is maximised by sacrificing the least expensive component - the impeller.

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